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Virtual Conference

Texas Marijuana Policy Conference - November 20-21, 2020


Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy hosts the third annual Texas Marijuana Policy Conference!

Hemp has been legalized at the state and federal levels, but Texas still denies patient access to medical cannabis and tens of thousands are being arrested annually for marijuana possession. 


We have a lot of work to do!


Our first-of-its-kind virtual conference will offer presentations from political, legal, and industry leaders to help attendees better understand and navigate the legal climate for cannabis. We will also be focused on opportunities and our path forward to ensure more meaningful policy changes when the legislature meets in 2021. 


In addition to policy and advocacy discussions surrounding decriminalization, medical cannabis, and hemp, we'll feature a track of cannabis business sessions geared toward entrepreneurs, market watchdogs, and investors.


This agenda is tentative. Our full TMPC20 schedule, including featured speakers will be published soon. Register now for Early Bird Pricing! 


Opening Session: Politics of Cannabis in Texas -- Election Results and Pre-filed


Bills Medical Cannabis 

  • Cannabis 101 and State of Cannabis Research
  • Responsible Cannabis Consumption
  • Patient Protections: Guns, Parental Rights, Employment, etc.
  • Texas Veterans: Service Related Injuries and Cannabis Treatment
  • Cannabis and Professional Athletes
  • T.CUP Rollout: Physician and Patient Perspective
  • Texas Licensing: Rules and Regulations


  • Texas Hemp: Rules, Regulations, and Rollout
  • Hemp Research at A&M University
  • 2020 Hemp Growing Season: What have we learned?



  • Local Enforcement: Patchwork Policy
  • Cops, Docs, and Clergy: Lasting Impacts of Marijuana Criminalization
  • Federal Forecast and Prospects for Legalization in Texas
  • Workshop: Advocacy 101 Workshop: Arrest Expungement


Cannabis Industry

  • Investing in Cannabis (VIP Session)
  • High Tech: Growing & Processing Cannabis; Labs and Testing Standards
  • Cannabis and Environmentalism
  • Smokeable Hemp and Other Pending Lawsuits What Can Texas Learn from Other States’ MJ programs?



  • Demo: Cooking with Cannabis 
  • Demo: Cannabis and Skin/Hair Care 
  • Film Screening: Operation Trapped

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